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imageLegal Counseling
ADN management provide secure legal Consultancy for clubs and football players. These activities Labour are conducted by the lawyers who are professionals in sport law.

Our legal advisors act on the issues linked to Football Federation, club and player and they deal with the possible problems while making a contract or prior existing contracts.



imageInvestment Counsulting






Our physioterapists  are responsible for the rehabilitation of football players. After lingering dis abilities, they make players ready for trainings and matches through muscle development treatment programs.
Physioterapists who have effective role as much as doctors on the health of footballers, play effective role on the relaxation period of players with Massage treatment after tiring trainings and matches.



imageInternational Translation
Our players’ contacts out of their countries are made verbal or oral at the attached country amd language. Football player and his family get over  switch to the adaptation process without any problem.





imageContract Management
Contracts which players may come across in their career path are analysed and made ready by experts. Upon the approval of our lawyers, contracts are made ready for signature.





All business activities are administered by certified professionals who are also licenced in their respective sectors and areas.